About Us

Best Finishing, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Chris Schlesinger, a foremost authority in the Metal Finishing Industry. Her in-depth knowledge of the polishing process and years of hands-on experience gave her an unparalled understanding of what types of polishing products give the best quality and efficiency results for customers.

She turned that into the "BEST" philosophy which dictates that the best products in the industry be brought to bear on the specific needs of the customer. As such, Best Finishing has developed relationships with the best-in-class suppliers of polishing equipment and supplies.

Chris has also amassed a world-class staff of expertise who stand ready to focus on customer needs to determine and then supply the "BEST" solution for their particular needs. This includes hands-on trials on the shop floor and even expert instruction to the polishing personnel on the proper use of the best products.

Our Staff

Chris Schlesinger

Chris Schlesinger

Founder and President

“Delivering solutions that result in bottom line savings to our customers and improved quality of finished goods.”

Candelario "Lopez" Vargas

Application Specialist

"Maximizing your productivity with 40 years experience in application improvement processes."

Priscilla Burrola

Customer Care Specialist

"Exceeding your expectations by providing superior customer care."

Tricia Cardona


"Driving accounting excellence to 100% accuracy."

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