Best Finishing, Inc. provides solutions for the Metal Finishing Industry that include the optimal selections for abrasives, buffs, compounds, contact wheels, chemicals, felt, debur brushes and automation. Our expertise in application/process development, just-in-time fulfillment, and customer service provides unparalled value in the industry.

Best Finishing's continued focus on the best solution for customers drives our search for the optimal combination of performance and cost. Best Finishing’s satisfied customers enjoy higher quality of finished goods and operational cost reductions due to our unique focus on their needs.

We Achieve Results for Our Customers

Customer expectations are exceeded on a daily basis by providing the following value.

  • Contributing our knowledge and methods of improving productivity and     quality of finished goods to our customers’ polishing and buffing     operations, while lowering their costs.
  • Providing superior customer care through rapid response to customers’     needs, stocking customers requirements, and delivering “Just–In-Time”     order fulfillment.

Cost Saving Services

  • Production Efficiencies
  • Tailored Product Solutions
  • Responsive, Attentive Customer Care
  • Just-in-Time Product Availability
  • On-site Technical Consulting
  • Fulfill Diversity Requirements
  • Customized Stocking Agreements