16″ X 7″ X 1¼” Hard Treated, #2 Pack, 1/4” Sewn, Open Face Double Cloth Bias Sisal Buff

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Specifications / Description:

• ODCBS construction
• 16” X 7” X 1-1/4” Arbor Hole
• Fabric: Bias cut Woven Sisal & Cotton
• Number of plys: 12
• Pack: #2
• Sewing: 1/4” Concentric
• Treatment: Hard

Application / Usage Guidelines and Performance:

Intended for those buffing operations that require a more aggressive cutting and leveling action. These treated buffs effectively remove or blend metal stretcher strains, ripples, score marks, light die and tool marks, and other surface imperfections from drawn, stamped, roll-formed ferrous metals. The buffs adapt well to flat and irregular surfaces. Applications include automotive parts, cookware, cutlery, steel stampings, extruded moldings, die castings, roll-formed and drawn carbon & stainless steel parts.